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About Indian Land Market

IndianLandMarket is a real estate web portal which allows the users, exclusively for the NRI users to buy, sell, rent and lease all types of commercial/residential properties in all states of India. We deal flats, apartments, villas, residential and commercial plots, hostels, storage rooms, auditoriums, halls, malls, resorts, farms, agriculture lands, rooms etc. IndianLandMarket also deals with furnished and semi furnished office spaces in Info Park, Techno Park and other major industrial locations.

We provide our customers a good database of brokers, agents, buyers, realtors and developers. IndianLandMarket also acts as an agent/broker and our feature of advertising your properties through social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and online classifieds makes us to stand on top of the real estate market. IndianLandMarket assists in further proceedings of renting/buying/selling/leasing like agreement and registration of the property, based on the fair value decided by the Govt of Kerala.

IndianLandMarket opens a wide platform for the property sellers/agents to showcase their properties in front of the NRI users. IndianLandMarket mainly focusing into United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Qatar, Saudi, etc.

To the NRI users also IndianLandMarket opens a wide list of available properties in India. This will help them to choose the best property or agents to find their desired location, plots, house or apartments. For any further information please contact info@indianlandmarket.com